Furoshiki 70 | Hare tsutsumi


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70 Hare tsutsumi | Seven treasures pattern white Beige

Furoshiki is one of the traditional culture/life style which have been succeeded from ancient times,

FUROSHIKI are square shaped cloths used in Japan to wrap items and carry them. Being made of cloth, FUROSHIKI can be stored easily, are very light and can wrap many different kinds of shapes. For those reasons, FUROSHIKI are convenient for day-to-day needs. They can be used to wrap several small goods together or wrap one bulky item, like a wine bottle or a large sake bottle. In addition to these advantages, FUROSHIKI can just be washed like other cloths when they get dirty. Japanese re-acknowledged that FUROSHIKI are also environmentally friendly, they became even more popular.

At first glance it may look like a simple red dot pattern, but look a little closer and you'll see that the pearl pigments form the “seven treasures” This lucky seven treasures pattern, which brings endless peace and prosperity to families, is a perfect idea for gifts! This simple pearl pigmented dot pattern can be used in a variety of ways in either eastern or western culture

size 70 / 70 cm | 100% cotton

Made in Japan.

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-There is some discoloration due to dyeing.
・ Color may transfer if it contains water.
・ Do not leave the product wet.

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