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The book is Japanese only  – no translation 

Poetry writer Morita MiW Poetry Art Book “Itoshiki Mono”
Published January 21, 2023

The poetry book “Ishishiki Mono” is a composition of the pictures and sentences that MiW has drawn so far, like a short picture book, and a continuous story.

 I would be happy if you read the 112 pages of the main text like walking through the forest of your heart . 

Whether it's a calm day or a dramatic day, on a day of development, on a day when all the strange things happen… In the midst of all the unique "now", the things you come across and the "emotions" that spring up when you touch them. 

I think everything is "I love you"

Outer size: 215mm x 277mm 

Morita MiW Author: Morita MiW Design: YOSHiNOBU Profile Photography: Yuko Taisha Printing and binding: Haraplex Co., Ltd. 

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