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Yoshitoshi Tsukioka



Bizarre, lovely, and bewitching! A comprehensive overview of Yoshitoshi's innovative painting style

The fantastic, the charming, the sensuous—the revolutionary ukiyo-e artist who depicted them all.

Yoshitoshi Tsukioka (1839–1892) lived amid the tumult of the collapse of the Tokugawa shogunate and the remaking of Japan into a modern nation. Combining the inventiveness of his teacher, Utagawa Kuniyoshi, with Western realism, he published prints that lent a last dazzling glow to ukiyo-e in the closing days of its history. This collection presents selections from major series including Thirty-Six Transformations with its masterly ghouls and ghosts, the realism-focused Newly Selected Eastern Brocade Pictures, Thirty-Two Aspects of Contemporary Women presaging bijinga portraits of beauties by modern artists, and Yoshitoshi's late masterpiece, One Hundred Views of the Moon. Delight in 150 works by a genius who ever challenged the expressive frontiers of his own dying genre even as he pointed the way forward for Japanese-style art in the modern and contemporary eras.

book language : Japanese only

B5 size | 176 pages
publisher Seigensha

[Table of Contents]
Chapter 1: Yoshitoshi's Sou – Yoshitoshi's Samurai Paintings (Included: [Ichikai Essay] [Yoshitoshi's Samurai Paintings] [Dai Nihon Meisho Kan], etc.) [Contents] [nbsp;][nbsp
Chapter 2: Yoshitoshi's Thoughts – Yoshitoshi's Historical Paintings ([Included in: Shin-Sen To Nishikie][Shinkei Sanjurokai-sen], etc.) Chapter 3: The Wonders of Sequels ([Included in: Shin-Sen To Nishikie][Shinkei Sanjurokai-sen], etc.)
Chapter 3: The wonders of sequels ([Included works: Horyukaku Ryoyuudo], [Oshu Adachigahara Hitotsuke no Zu], etc.) Chapter 4: The bewitching and glamour of Hōtoshi's paintings
Chapter 4 Yoko and glamour – Yoshitoshi's paintings of beautiful women (Included in [:Twelve Months of Tokyo Pride][Thirty-two Phases of Customs]) Chapter 5 Press (Included in [:Tokyo's Twelve Months of Pride][Thirty-two Phases of Customs]) Chapter 5
Chapter 5 Press (Included works [:Postal Hochi Shimbun] and others) Chapter 5
Chapter 6 Tsuki Hyakkyo – A Compilation of Yoshitoshi's Art (Included [Tsuki Hyakkyo])

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