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Uemura Shoen, one of the leading female painters of the modern Kyoto art world and also known as the "master of beauty painting". 

Tenderness, beauty and inner strength are observed in Shoen Uemura's female portraits. Portraits of beautiful and noble ladies shine like a beam of light in Japanese painting history. Purity and grace seen in her paintings still give a big impact on many people to this day. This is a postcard collection of Shoen's works. The beauty of Japanese painting will be spread around by messages on the post.

Uemura Shoen (1875–1949) is considered a master and great innovator in the ‘bijin-ga’ genre (paintings of beautiful women), but at the same time she frequently used it to depict the traditional beauty standards of women. She is respected today for her part in the struggle for women’s rights in Japan and her achievements as an accomplished artist, not just a female artist. Despite shifts in artistic style and materials in Japan due to Western influence in her time, Shoen continued to use traditional mineral pigments to paint Japanese-style themes. Besides scenes of domestic pursuits and tender or introspective moments, a large portion of her work shows women outdoors in their finery.
 In 1948, she became the first woman to be awarded the Order of Cultural Merit

A6 size | 32  Postcard 

 language : Japanese only 

publisher Seigensha

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