בובת דרומה | Daruma kokeshi


בובת דרומה קוקשי DARUMA KOKESHI
עשויה עץ מלא ומצוירת ידנית
מידה כ 9ס"מ
*מחיר לבובה אחת
סמל למזל טוב שמחה והתמדה
הדרומה המסוימת הזאת היא KORO-KORO DARUMA
בסיסה עגול ולכן היא נעה ונדה כסימן למשפט הידוע 7 פעמים ליפול 8 פעמים לקום
שוב סמל להתמדה ואורך רוח
"Nanakorobi Yaoki", translated to mean "seven times down, eight times up"
**הבובות נעשות בעבודת יד ולכן יתכן הבדל בין הצילום לבובה בפועל
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מיוצר ביפן


daruma are good luck talismans but there’s a little more to it than simply making a wish. In fact, daruma aren’t really about granting wishes; that’s not in the spirit of Buddhism nor any Japanese philosophy. The true meaning of daruma is as a reminder of self-perseverance, focus, and discipline.

The school of Chan/Zen Buddhism which Bodhidharma started is one that values self-discipline, and the practice of buying and using a daruma is less about making a wish and more about having a talisman that serves as a reminder of your own life goals. Drawing in the eye of the daruma is not a wish; it is a promise to yourself that you will follow your dream and achieve your goal, whatever obstacles may come your way and whatever pitfalls you might have to climb out of as you continue along your journey

A popular idiom that’s often tied to the meaning of daruma is 七転八起 nanakorobi yaoki, roughly translated as “fall down seven times, stand up eight”. Daruma are a symbol of perseverance and staying the path. You have a goal and you’re tempted to waver or quit, but having that daruma on your shelf is a constant reminder of what you originally wanted; why you initially make that promise to yourself.

This is why the daruma is modelled after Bodhidharma, a man who embodied Zen Buddhism and the philosophy of perseverance. In fact, the two stories told about the origin of the daruma’s eyes both lend themselves to this philosophy. The first is that having both eyes coloured in means that your eyes are now open to the truth of the universe, as happened to Bodhidharma when he reached enlightenment. The other is that he fell asleep seven years into his meditation and was so ashamed that he cut off his eyelids to avoid it happening again. Either way you look at it, the meaning of daruma is all about perseverance.

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