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דגם MiW  Small Plate |  Monkey

מידה כ  1.5 / 14.6/ 10.8 ס"מ

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morita MiW  Small Plate |  Monkey on the Branch 

Size | 10.8 X 14.6 X H1.5CM
Material | Porcelain

Microwave , dishwasher | OK
* If you use a metal scrubbing brush or a detergent containing abrasives, the surface may be scratched.

A palm-sized small plate with a crisp shape.
It reflects MiW's mysterious world.
Made of porcelain with a delicate form that is light and transparent.
MiW small plate with gorgeous design
It can also be used as 
Plates for placing sweets and fashionable accessory trays
It's fun to just leave it or hang it on the wall.

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