אזל במלאי!

עפרון מכני | MONO graph


עפרון מכני של חברת tombow היפנית  – *במלאי   גוון תכלת וירקרק בהיר  בלבד

סדרת pastel colors

מתאים לעופרת 0.5


mono graph Mechanical pencil featuring "MONO Eraser" and "shake-mechanism."
Mechanical pencil featuring twist type "MONO Eraser" attached at the top.
The "shake mechanism," which advances the lead by shaking the pencil back and forth, and the "shake lock" enabled by pushing the clip upwards, to prevent unintentional lead advance when stored, Tombow guarantee of high-precision writing and erasing

“CLEAR COLOR”  0.5mm lineup  Ice blue , Cream yellow ,Mint green , Coral pink , Sakura pink , Lavender

Extract the eraser unit and put leads inside from the end of the barrel.



Tombow (tonbo) means “dragonfly” in Japanese and was often referred to as akizu/akitsu in ancient times. Since Japan was called Akitsu shima (dragonfly island in English) in the past, the name of the company also represents our desire to represent Japan’s stationery industry. The dragonfly is also referred to as kachi mushi (victorious insect in English) and is considered to bring good luck.

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