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tenugui מגבת כותנה רכה

מידה כ 90/ 34 ס"מ

טנוגי הוא טקסטיל יפני מסורתי לשימוש יומיומי (במידה די קבועה – בטקסטורות ,צביעה ואריגה שונות )

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הסדרה הנוכחית ארוגה בטקסטורה רכה וגמישה 

עשויה 100% כותנה 

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MiW tenugui Towel / Pheasant couple taking a walk / ivory

◎ Towel tenugui
Size: approx. 34cm x 90cm
Composition: 100% cotton

Tenugui, a daily necessity,
are said to have been used since the Edo period.
"Tenugui" is an ancient Japanese item that has been passed down as a nostalgic and comfortable item, and its
usage changes with the times.

woven into a short pile using thin threads on both sides.
The texture of the surface is slightly smooth. By twisting two lightly twisted single yarns on the back,
he creates a soft and elastic texture similar to that of a sponge.

This towel tenugui is just the right thickness and lightness, making it a fun item that can be used in a variety of ways
, such as wiping it, washing it, squeezing it, wrapping it around your neck, hanging it, and carrying it around . Not only can it be used during bath time, but since it is thin and not bulky, it is easy to use for travel, sports, sauna time, outdoor activities, etc. Perfect as a gift.

The edges of the towel tenugui are left cut, so there will be some fraying when you first use it, but it will settle down naturally. Since it is dyed, the color may fade due to washing or rubbing. Please wash separately from other items. We recommend using a laundry net . Do not use chlorine bleach.

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