אגרטל עשוי חרס יפני 

*מידה כ ~25 / 9.5/ 12.5 ס"מ 

****מומלץ להניח על צלחת ולא ישירות על משטח

יתכן הבדל בין הצילום למוצר בפועל

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This Shigaraki-ware vase has a rustic texture of rough clay with a bright gold pattern 

Shigaraki ware is a Japanese stoneware produced in the area around the town of Shigaraki, Koga City, Shiga Prefecture. It is characterized by its rough, fire-resistant clay, and is made by mixing and kneading together several raw materials with clay from the bottom layer of Lake Biwa.

Approx. 12.5 cm (width) x 9.5 cm (depth) x 25 cm (height)

Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: Pottery

Shigaraki-Yaki – One of the Six Ancient Kilns in Japan

Situated right below Lake Biwa and close to Kyoto, Shigaraki is one of the oldest pottery centers in Japan, and its pottery producing history dates back over 1,200 years. Shigaraki-yaki (Shigaraki ware) is known as one of the six ancient kilns in Japan, and in 1976 Shigaraki-yaki was designated as one of Japan’s Traditional Handicrafts.



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