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contemporary ceramic art



An exciting overview of contemporary ceramic art, featuring the work of ninety artists at the forefront of this booming field.

No longer considered merely decorative, ceramic art has broken free from the dusty display cases to which it was once relegated and is now taking center stage in contemporary galleries.

Although often integrating traditional modelling, firing and glazing techniques into their output, the 90 artists featured here invite us to look at ceramics in a different way. Whether creating monumental installations or intricate miniatures, imaginary beasts or life-size human figures, they subtly blur the borders between art and craft, sometimes conceiving witty or unnerving twists on traditional ceramic forms, sometimes using cutting-edge technology, conceptual thinking and new platforms to push the boundaries of clay and broaden its appeal.

Size:28.0 x 22.0 cm
Extent:360 pp

About the Author
Charlotte Vannier is a designer, copywriter and stylist. She is the author of several books on art and crafts for adults and children

Véronique Pettit Laforet is an artist.

המלאי אזל

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