Chigiri-Washi | Beckoning-cat


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פסלון חתול  happy Laughing cat

עשוי נייר יפני (paper mache)

אובייקט קטן וחמוד לנוי לשמח כל חובב חתולים

וכעין קמע למזל טוב שגשוג והצלחה

מידה כ 15/18 ס"מ בגובה כ 16ס"מ

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Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: Japanese Paper
18 cm (width) x 15 cm (depth) x 16 cm (height)

 maneki neko, In English, these are also commonly referred to as 'lucky cats' due to their use as a kind of talisman, or lucky charm.

'mankei neko' can be attributed to the cat's welcoming paw, as the literal translation is 'beckoning cat.'

・Right paw raised: Brings wealth and good luck
・Left paw raised: Attracts customers to a place of business
The higher the paw is raised, the more luck the cat is said to invite


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