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דמות חתול מזל יפני maneki neko המרים ידו השמאלית לאות הזמנה

וכעין קמע למזל טוב שגשוג והצלחה

אובייקט קטן וחמוד לנוי לשמח כל חובב חתולים

גובה כ 17.5 ס"מ

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maneki neko, In English, these are also commonly referred to as 'lucky cats' due to their use as a kind of talisman, or lucky charm.

'mankei neko' can be attributed to the cat's welcoming paw, as the literal translation is 'beckoning cat.'

Country of manufacture: Japan

Seto ware has a history of 1,300 years.
The beckoning cat has long been used as a good-luck charm that brings prosperity in business* and happiness in the home* and the arrival of many customers. It can be used for various occasions such as office decorations, store-opening gifts, and home use.

[Maneki neko with raised left hand]
A beckoning cat with its left hand raised is a cat that invites people in. For this reason, they are often placed in restaurants, service businesses, and other establishments that want many customers to come.

There is also a difference in the height of the raised hands. Those with their hands raised above their ears are called [te-chou], and those with their hands modestly raised below their ears are called [te-shou]. It is believed that the longer the hands are extended, the more distant or great good fortune is invited, and the shorter the hands are, the more familiar or modest happiness is invited.

Where do you place them? z
The basic placement of a beckoning cat is in front of a store or at the front door of your house. This is the place where you can invite good fortune and luck to come to you. If you place it at home, you can also place it in the living room or some other place where the family can see it often.

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