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אגרטל לפרחים יבשים



אגרטל עשוי חרס יפני – ללא גמור / גלזורה  – החומר טבעי 

מתאים לענפים או פרחים יבשים – ללא מים 

*מידה כ ~ 9/12 ס"מ

יתכן הבדל בין הצילום למוצר בפועל

The earthy texture with unglazed firing effects of this vase is intended to evoke the nature of Shigaraki clay and its raw unadulterated beauty. The artist limits excessive decoration to express the identity of the vessel through beauty in simplicity.

'Kushime' refers to the hand-carved 'comb teeth' patterns which bring both elegant and rustic looks.

Perfect as a vessel for a simple arrangement. such as dried flowers or stems.

The naturalness and unique shape are the signature Shigaraki-yaki wabi-sabi-suki emphasis on finding beauty in simplicity, humility, and intense appreciation of the immediate experience. The true one-of-a-kind artisan creation.

Dimension: Diameter 9 x Height 16cm

This vase is kept unglazed with a coarse finish. It is recommended for dried plants or fresh plants without holding water.

Avoid exposure to direct sources of heat.

Made in Koka, Shiga Prefecture, Japan

Shigaraki-Yaki – One of the Six Ancient Kilns in Japan

Situated right below Lake Biwa and close to Kyoto, Shigaraki is one of the oldest pottery centers in Japan, and its pottery producing history dates back over 1,200 years. Shigaraki-yaki (Shigaraki ware) is known as one of the six ancient kilns in Japan, and in 1976 Shigaraki-yaki was designated as one of Japan’s Traditional Handicrafts.

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