Eco Pop-up Sponge


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Dry state W6.4×D9.5×H0.2cm Inflated
 wet state W7×D10.3×H2cm 
Material: 70% cellulose, 30% cotton
Country of origin: Japan
Design: Takeshi Matsunag

A natural material item made of cellulose (=fibrin) taken from the wood scraps. If it is buried in the soil, it will be 100% biodegraded and returned to the earth. Cellulose has excellent water absorbency, it dries quickly, and various bacteria do not easily propagate, so it has the feature that it does not easily smell. Also, it's resistant to oil and heat, so it's ideal for kitchen items.
"E. Pop-up sponge" is a tableware sponge that swells up to a thickness of 2 cm when wet with water, and is used as a fukin in French households.

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