תיק | indigo


תיק צד קטן / פאוץ

תיק כותנה בצביעת אינדיגו ואפרסמון

מידה כ 21/23 ס"מ

*צביעה ידנית בצבעים טבעיים – יכול להיות שינוי בגוון מהצילום

וגם עם הזמן והשימוש תהיה דהיה של הצבע


This  small pouch is dyed with indigo astringent in a pattern, and is light and easy to use.

*Zipper closure
Outside: 1 zipper pocket

By layering indigo and persimmon dyeing
The indigo color has a vintage look with an increased tannish tinge.
The indigo color changes depending on the natural environment and can be enjoyed.
The hand-painted swirl patterns of the aibuki dye vary in appearance depending on the dyeing season and weather conditions.
This is the only original dyeing in the world, and no two patterns are alike.

*The coloring may vary slightly depending on the composition of the water, the season, and the weather. Please note that there may be uneven dyeing and darkening. Please note that the color may fade slightly due to the natural dye.

*Patterns may appear differently 

Approx. 21xH23cm(Shoulder adjustable)(Approx. 70g)

Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: Cotton, persimmon tannin (indigo tannin) dyeing

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