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moritaMiW אמנית יפנית מאיירת, אנימטורית, מעצבת גרפית וטקסטיל ידועה באיוריה ועבודות רקמה.

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Pouch handkerchief | duck

◎ Pouch handkerchief
Size: Approx. 12cm x 12cm
Composition: 100% cotton
gauze, pile weave

The mysterious world of MiW's gentle story
is expressed through weaving, embroidery, and printing. .
The embroidery of a creature that pops out slightly and
the vivid color of her exciting pile are accented.
The material is 100% cotton, and the front gauze is comfortable and the back is pile, so it
is gentle to the touch and has excellent water absorption. 

as a handkerchief of a slightly smaller size, you can quickly turn it into a pocket-like pouch with a lid by flipping the embroidered part . It's a fun pouch handkerchief that you can put small items in. Lip and makeup products, sewing, sanitary, sanitizing sprays, hand washing sets, fun candies and tea bags, and more. You can put things you always use in your pocket or bag

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