אגרטל פרח


אגרטל קטן עשוי חרס יפני 

*מידה כ ~ 13/15.5 ס"מ 

****מומלץ להניח על צלחת ולא ישירות על משטח

יתכן הבדל בין הצילום למוצר בפועל

This Shigaraki-ware vase has a rustic texture of rough clay with a bright gold-painted floral pattern. 

Shigaraki ware is a Japanese stoneware produced in the area around the town of Shigaraki, Koga City, Shiga Prefecture. It is characterized by its rough, fire-resistant clay, and is made by mixing and kneading together several raw materials with clay from the bottom layer of Lake Biwa.

Approx. 13 cm (width) x 13 cm (depth) x 15.5 cm (height)
Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: Pottery

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