לוח שנה | 2024


לוח שנה חדש 2024 / פוסטר לתלייה Dragon that became a river
מבית KATAKATA יפן
שנת 2022 היא שנת הדרקון

מודפס על נייר במבוק 110גר'
מידה 42/59 ס"מ A2
הנייר אינו מגיע ממוסגר , תמונה להמחשה בלבד
* איסוף עצמי בלבד – לא ישלח 

**יתכן שינוי בין הצילום והגוונים בו למוצר בפועל

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2024 Calendar: [ Dragon that became a river ]

Once upon a time, deep in a remote mountain, it rained with thunder. The rain snaked down the mountain and turned into a dragon. The dragon became a home for many living things, and people cultivated their fields with the water provided by the dragon and lived in gratitude for the rich blessings. Before we knew it, the dragon came to be called "Tenryugawa". Nowadays, few people know the true nature of the river, but when you surrender to its flow, you will feel as if you are flying through the sky on the back of a dragon. Today, the river still flows powerfully to the sea. *This story is fiction and has no relation to the real Tenryu River.

Size : A2 size poster calendar. 420 x 594mm
Material: Paper (bamboo bare 110kg)/ *The items we sell are printed.

The original picture was made by pattern dyeing, but this product is printed.
The color of the product image may differ from the actual product depending on the display you are using, the viewing environment, and the shooting conditions.

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