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פנקס | white camellia


פנקס נייר קטן ומושלם!
מתוך סדרת פנקסים יפניים במהדורה מוגבלת
16 דפים נתלשים איכותיים  ( 2 דוגמאות, 8 דפים מדגם)

מוטבעים בדוגמאות קמיליה לבנה
17.7 / 8.4 ס"מ
מצורף 1 דף שורות

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Japanese paper with a unique brush texture

Tasteful white camellia one-stroke paper
The plump camellia design, with its natural color reminiscent of the earthen walls of a tea room and the plump white, is like a fusuma (sliding door) painting.

Delicate white silk printing is applied to "Iyo Washi" , which has a good texture with brush marks peculiar to "Iyo Washi", which complements the calm appearance of white camellia. The plump white camellias are richly expressed with white silk printing.

16 sheets (2 patterns x 8 sheets), unruled (with ruled underlay)

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