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זוג Chopstick



צ'ופסטיקס מקלות אכילה

עשויים עץ בגימור לכה מבריקה אדום מנצנץ

מידה 21 ס"מ

מחיר לזוג צ'ופסטיקס

לאחר שימוש לשטוף ולנגב היטב 

פחות מתאים למדיח כלים וממש לא למיקרו

Premium Wakasa lacquered Chopsticks | Naruko Red
natural wood coated 

These chopsticks are a specialty of Obama, Fukui Prefecture [Wakasa lacquered chopsticks].

Chopsticks have the meaning of wishing [long life] and [good health], and when given as a gift, they are a good-luck item with the connotation of [a bridge (chopstick passing) that connects people to each other].

21 cm long

-Keep out of infants and younger children as they have pointed tips.

-After use, wash and dry with a cloth

-Do not soak it in the water for a long time

-Don’t use it in a microwave r or in the oven.

-Dishwasher safe but chopsticks should not touch directly to the heat

-Price is per set of chopsticks

-Made in Japan

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