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בד כותנה רך תפור בשכבה כפולה

מידה 32/89 ס"מ

משמש כמגבת , מפית, אריזה ומסגור כתמונה


Ukiyoe by Kuniyoshi Soft double gauze hand towel

This product is a hand towel with ukiyoe by Utagawa Kuniyoshi, an ukiyoe artist of the Edo period.
The soft and fluffy texture and good water absorbency of the double gauze material are used. 

Approx. 32 x 89 cm
Country of manufacture: Japan
Material : 100% cotton

[Utagawa Kuniyoshi] is one of the representative Ukiyo-e artists of the late Edo period. He is a popular Ukiyo-e artist with a wide range of appeal due to his novel design ability* and outlandish ideas.
He is also famous for his love of cats and painted numerous Ukiyoe featuring cats.

Kuniyoshi Utagawa |  Asahina Dwarf Island Play
Dairiki [Asahina] visits the island of dwarfs. In this boldly composed ukiyoe, he lays down his huge body and watches the procession of dwarf lords with a smile on his face. This is one of Kuniyoshi's most humorous paintings.

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