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נרתיק קטן*

כותנה בצביעים טבעיים –  אפרסמון ופירות יער

מצויר בדוגמת קמיליה יפנית

*מידה כ 12/16  ס"מ עם רוכסן

לשמירה על פריטים קטנים בתיק

*צביעה ידנית בצבעים טבעיים – יכול להיות שינוי בגוון מהצילום – יכול להיות בגוונים כהים יותר 

וגם עם הזמן והשימוש תהיה דהיה של הצבע

small case with Japanese camellia drawn on the persimmon and berries,  dyed cloth.

*The opening is arched and the material is dyed with a persimmon astringent dye.
the opening is decorated with an arch shape.

*Zipper closure

Approx. W12.5x5xH16.5cm

Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: Cotton, persimmon tannin dyed (Shoulder: synthetic leather)

[Kakishibu dyeing has been used for more than 1,000 years in the distant past, when there were no scientific dyes.
Kakishibu dyeing has the characteristics of strengthening the fabric and repelling water. This kakishibu dyeing is done using a technique as close to nature as possible, without the use of chemicals.
Kakishibu liquid is made from persimmon berries that have been harvested and matured for at least three years, and the color is obtained by drying the berries in the sun.

The color that develops also changes slightly depending on the *composition of the water *season *weather. Please note that there may be uneven dyeing* and darkening. Due to natural dyes, colors may fade slightly.

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