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מה זה כלי שיגראקי?
כלי חרס מתוצרת Shigaraki-cho, Koka City, מחוז שיגה. הוא נחשב לאחד מששת הכבשנים העתיקים ביפן

בעל היסטוריה ארוכה מעל 1200 שנים
בשנת 1976 (שואה 51), הוא הוגדר כמלאכה מסורתית על ידי המדינה

Shigaraki ware is a pottery made in Shigaraki Town, Koka City, Shiga Prefecture. It is one of the six ancient kilns in Japan and is said to have a long history of more than 1200 years.
Shigaraki ware was designated as a traditional craft by the country in 1976.

It is characterized by its rough, fire-resistant clay, and is made by mixing and kneading together several raw materials with clay from the bottom layer of Lake Biwa.

It is a ceramic Shigaraki ware handed down untill today that is supported by a long history, culture and through traditional techniques.
One of the features, the surface of the vessel is rough and contains many fine stone grains. Along with the prosperity of the tea ceremony, it has been prized as a teaware.
Technology development corresponding to the demand was performed from the ease of processing, while leaving the unique “Wabi” and “Sabi” of Shigaraki ware, and pottery rooted in life has been made until today.

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