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Shigaraki stripe Japanese Rice Bowl

Country of manufacture: Japan
Material / component: Pottery

Shigaraki ware is made in Shigaraki Town, Koka City, Shiga Prefecture. It is counted as one of the six oldest kilns in Japan and is said to have a long history of 1,260 years. It was designated as a traditional craft by the national government in 1976.

Hechimon is a Shigaraki craftsman's word that means 'windswept object'. Just like the various shapes created by nature and the individual, the vessels have a variety of expressions, just like the various shapes created by nature and the individual personality.

They are more like farm products than industrial products and these vessels are made by skilled craftsmen who know the importance of "heterogeneity" and are filled with playfulness and sincerity.

Microwave and dishwasher safe. Oven Not .

Because of the nature of pottery, color, size, weight, etc. of product may slight differ from the referential information.

Please note that each item is handcrafted so the appearance of the pattern may slightly differ from the image. Pictures are only for reference.

Due to the characteristics of glaze, there are individual differences in light and shade and color unevenness, so please be aware in advance.

There may be scratches that are inevitable in production.

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