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צעיף | triangle Grey



The Scarf by KAMAWANU is made of 100% pure cotton, and the same CHUSEN dyeing technique to make TENUGUIs is used to dye these beautiful colors and patterns of the scarves. Thanks to the CHUSEN dyeing technique, the same patterns are visible on the both sides of the scarf unlike silk-screened or printed ones.

It is actually pretty warm around the neck in winter, and it gives a style when hung over the shoulders in summer time as well.

The edges are hemmed and fray over time only for half an inch at maximum to form a kind of natural frills.

triangle gray
Approximately 33 cm x 180 cm
100% cotton
Made in Japan
-There is discoloration due to hand dyeing.
・ Color may transfer if it contains water.
・ Do not leave the product wet.
・ When washing, please wash your hands separately from other items.
・ The edges are not sewn so that you can enjoy the texture of the tenugui. Please note.

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