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Sasawashi | room shoes


נעלי בית Gray  זוג אחרון מידה S כ~ 35-37       315 ש"ח
עשויות בד ארוג מסיבים טבעיים (kumasaza plant & washi)
ששומר על הנעליים רכות ונושמות ולכן מתאימות לשימוש כל השנה
וסוליה פוליאסטר רך דמוי זמש

אלו נעלי בית – לא לשימוש בחוץ

מידה S כ~ 35-37       315 ש"ח

(מידה M כ~ 37-38.5-39    315 ש"ח- אזל)

מידה LL כ~ 43-47   350 ש"ח אזל

כביסה עדינה במכונה (עדיף בתוך בשקיק רשת)
ללא סחיטה וייבוש

מוצרי sasawashi נוספים כאן>>

Breathable unisex room shoes made from Sasawashi fabric.

A pair of room shoes is an essential part of every Japanese home. This breathable version is made from Sasawashi fabric, a pill-free fabric that effortlessly absorbs moisture and odors from the skin. The combination of antibacterial kumasaza extract and breathable washi fabric keeps these room shoes feeling fresh and comfortable in any season. Designed to feel comfortable with or without socks, these modern slippers are designed to be enjoyed year-round.

Materials: Sasawashi fabric, polyester sole. Unisex.
Care: Machine wash in a garment bag with similar colors. Do not bleach or tumble dry.
made in Osaka, Japan

Sasawashi was founded as a reaction to the wastefulness and ephemeral lifespan of the textile industry. Made from absorbent washi (Japanese paper) threads infused with antibacterial kumazasa plant fibers, this innovative fabric contains natural deodorizing properties that prevent mildew growth and fiber deterioration. From room shoes to scrub towels, every piece in the Sasawashi collection stays true to its founding principles: comfort, longevity, and simplicity.

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