כוס זכוכית | kiriko

המחיר המקורי היה: ₪170.המחיר הנוכחי הוא: ₪135.


כוס זכוכית

kiriko טכניקת חריטה על זכוכית צבעונית (כחול כהה במקרה הזה)

תכולה כ 240 מ"ל

קוטר כ 6.5-9 ס"מ / גובה כ 8.5 ס"מ

אפשרי לשטיפה במדיח

לא למיקרו


Edo-kiriko is a type of traditional cut glass originating in Edo (the former name of Tokyo) toward the end of the Edo Period (1603-1868). “Kiriko” means “faceted” in Japanese, and refers to the multitude of decorative patterns that are engraved on the surface of the glass using grindstones and other tools. Using only rough outlines as guides, artisans carve the detailed but accurate lines freehand.

Faceted glass is a technique of making cuts on the surface of colored glass using a grinder.
The technique is a true masterpiece of craftsmanship.
Faceted glass with a blend of Japanese and Western* seasonal designs, carefully crafted one by one.

* Avoid using the product in ways that cause sudden temperature differences, such as rapid cooling* rapid heating. Do not use in microwave ovens or ovens.
* Do not use metal scrubbers* Do not use cleansers, as they may cause scratches, and do not use chlorine bleach, as it may cause whitish stains.
* Do not wash ceramic* metalware* glassware together in the wash tub, as this may cause scratches or damage.
* Do not store cups stacked on top of each other as this may cause them to become stuck or damaged.


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