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מידה 3 /13 ס"מ עובי כ 1.5 מ"מ

"Clip ruler" that supports notebooks with three functions: bookmarker, ruler, and template. As it is very thin at 0.3mm, it does not get in the way when turning pages or writing.

In addition to being able to be used as an index by sandwiching it between pages, it can also be used as a ruler when needed, and can measure up to 10 cm in length.

H 14 cm × W3.4 cm × D1.5 mm
Made of copper
Before use

○ Since copper is used as the material of the main body, the texture will change over time.
○ Due to the characteristics of the material, there may be slight individual differences in color.
○ Do not spread the main body by hand. It may be damaged.
○ If it gets wet, wipe it off immediately before use.

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