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SIWA | tote bag S


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SIWA | tote bag S

*Only 1 black left in stock

Hard Naoron (Recycled PET Fiber Naoron) is a paper created using the washi-suki paper manufacturing method from recycled polyester fibers from used plastic bottles and textile products. While having the distinctive texture of paper, it does not tear easily and is highly water-resistant. Hard Naoron does not emit noxious fumes when burned.

Tote Bag is reversible. You can place the pocket outside or inside. At first, it is outside.

Size: About 27 x 27 xD15 cm
Weight: About 260 g
Material: Hard Naoron

Feature: High resistance to water
Place of origin:  Japan


Located in Ichikawamisato, Yamanashi, which boasts a 1000-year history of papermaking, the Japanese paper (washi) maker, Onao and industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa have teamed together to create the Siwa series.

Fukasawa discerned that the special texture of Naoron, a hard-to-tear paper developed by Onao, emerged when the paper was crumpled, and suggested designs for everyday goods that harnessed this.

The name, Siwa is both a reversing of the characters in the word washi (wasi), and a word meaning, crinkle in Japanese.

As with leather goods, these washi products are lovingly, individually crafted

How to care:

Gently wash by hand, then just like stroking.

After washing, do not squeeze, dry it as it is, or sandwich it with a towel etc. to remove water and then naturally dry it.

Detergent and bleach can also be used.     Do not use iron. Avoid touching hot objects.

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