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מבשם | Cèdre


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שקיק מבשם ארונות / שטיח
מסדרת Cèdre

מידת שקית 10/14 ס"מ

לבישום בחללים קטנים – מגרות, ארון בגדים ,ברכב, מזוודות- פשוט להניח .
או לבישום שטיחים-לפזר מעט מהאבקה על השטיח, להמתיק כמה דקות ולעבור עם שואב אבק


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Perfume small spaces
Suitable for suitcase, car, dressing, vacuum cleaner
Bag 14 x 10 cm

Do not place on an unprotected surface. Keep the sachet for the indicated purpose. Do not swallow. Avoid eye contact. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

The top notes of the Cèdre fragrance marry an astonishing blend of grapefruit and nutmeg.

Its heart notes are traditionally built around cedar, clove and patchouli aromas.

Its base notes that contribute to the foundation of its personality and last in time are from a set of fairly woody and fleshy material. Styrax balm, labdanum, vanilla, tonka are significant characteristics of perfume, give it a certain singularity

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