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(4 דגמים X מכל דגם 4יח)
מוטבעים בדוגמא של פרחים
17.7 / 8.4 ס"מ
מצורף 1 דף שורות

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A one-stroke paper that coolly expresses the flowers that bloom in early summer. Using the
gentle texture of "Echizen Washi Torinoko", the "summer floral pattern" is based on the refreshing blue and white flowers that bloom in early summer. A total of 16 pieces, 4 pieces each of clematis, hydrangea, lupine, and peony. It is a fun design to choose according to the recipient. Please use it for summer greetings, late summer greetings, midsummer gifts, thank-you notes, etc.

 "Iyo Washi" with a unique brush and a good texture, and applied elaborate gold silk printing to the flower veins and the center of the flower. The delicate brilliance of gold silk printing expresses the sunflowers shining in the sun

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