Fuku COCHAE 48 | Mt. Fuji



FUROSHIKI are square shaped cloths used in Japan to wrap items and carry them. Being made of cloth, FUROSHIKI can be stored easily, are very light and can wrap many different kinds of shapes. For those reasons, FUROSHIKI are convenient for day-to-day needs. They can be used to wrap several small goods together or wrap one bulky item, like a wine bottle or a large sake bottle. In addition to these advantages, FUROSHIKI can just be washed like other cloths when they get dirty. Japanese re-acknowledged that FUROSHIKI are also environmentally friendly, they became even more popular.

Fuku COCHAE 48 | Mt. Fuji

size: 48 x 48 cm (18.9″ x 18.9″).
Material : 100% cotton.
Made in Japan.

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Symbol of JARAN “Mt.Fuji”
The ocean and a blue Mt.Fuji with a Turtle.
The morning sun and a red Mt.Fuji.
Crane lives a thousand year and turtle lives a hundred years that Crane and Turtle pattern means lucky, longevity and fortune happiness and prosperity..

FUKU COCHAE has a Japanese lucky charm (happy motif) printed on a Furoshiki. These unique patterns create enjoyment in opening and wrapping. The face that is seen changes depending on the shape of the wrapping. Wrapping for gift is good but also so is wrapping a lunch box. This series brings a smile to everyday life and a playful Japanese spirit.

-There is some discoloration due to dyeing.
・ Color may transfer if it contains water.
・ Do not leave the product wet.

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