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פילטר קרמיקה לקפה

המחיר המקורי היה: ₪260.המחיר הנוכחי הוא: ₪200.


מתנה מיוחדת לחובבי הקפה

פילטר קרמיקה רב פעמי בצורת הר פוג'י

*משתתף בהנחת 20anniversary

Mt. Fuji Cofil ceramic filter Coffee Dripper Set

filter :Width 11.0x Height 7.0cm  Server /Width 12.0x Height 0.7cm  Saucer /Width 9.5 x Height 4.0cm

There are countless small holes of 50 microns (just like hair) and no paper (cloth) filters required.

It can be used permanently and is easy to clean and hygienic

COFIL, because you can expect the "Far Infrared effect" of ceramics, removes the taste and gives it a crisp, clean taste.

Compared to nel, it is mellow and has the aroma of coffee.

It also removes chalky odors and impurities as well as lose water firmness and tends to soft water.

Enjoy a mild, mouthful cup of coffee and water.

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