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קטורת | lavender


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קטורת יפנית איכותית עשויה חומרים טבעיים

ניחוח נקי , מרענן, מרגיע ועדין הממזג ניחוח לבנדר עם שושנת העמקים ובורנאול.

תכולה כ 20 מקלות קטורת   |   זמן בערה כ15-17 דק' לקטורת 

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מידת אריזה כ  1.8 / 8 / 18  ס"מ

מיוצר ביפן

≪Scented Komon≫ is an incense that is carefully crafted by traditional methods, with a particular scent and perfuming. With the motif of the traditional Japanese design pattern "Komon pattern", we set it in a fan-shaped parcel that has been said to be auspicious since ancient times.

 "Scented Komon Lavender Fragrance" is a very popular herb that has been used as a fragrant medicinal herb for a long time with flower words such as cleanliness, silence, and rich incense. A refreshing, soothing and gentle scent that blends the scent of lavender with lily of the valley and borneol.

・ After igniting the tip of incense, extinguish the flame and let the smoke smolder.
・ Set the incense  after smoke on the incense stand made of non-combustible material.
・ Please use a plate that receives ash under the incense stand.
・ Do not use near flammable materials or in windy places.
・ Even if the smoke disappears, the fire may remain, so handle with care.
・ Keep out of reach of children.

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