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An official monmon T by Kazuaki Horitomo Kitamura

This unique concept was born out of a combination of Horitomo's two great passions in life- tattoos and cats. The word Monmon is a Japanese term for tattoo and the term Monmon Cats was perfect to describe his tattooed cat art.

Horitomo has been tattooing for over twenty years and is well versed in Japanese tradition including tebori (Japanese hand tattooing).

is not only a mind-blowing Irezumi artist, he has also invented a provacative and invaluable motif within the style — Monmon cats. Felines have been a long-standing popular image in Japanese art, coming all the way back from the advent of the ukiyo-e genre which rose to prominence through the 17th to the 19th centuries. Horitomo has picked up on this trend and imported it into body art with a fun twist: the cats themselves have Irezumi, hence the name "monmon," which translates as "tattoo."

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