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Furoshiki 100 | double side



FUROSHIKI are square shaped cloths used in Japan to wrap items and carry them. Being made of cloth, FUROSHIKI can be stored easily, are very light and can wrap many different kinds of shapes. For those reasons, FUROSHIKI are convenient for day-to-day needs. They can be used to wrap several small goods together or wrap one bulky item, like a wine bottle or a large sake bottle. In addition to these advantages, FUROSHIKI can just be washed like other cloths when they get dirty. Japanese re-acknowledged that FUROSHIKI are also environmentally friendly, they became even more popular.

The different designs are printed from both the front and back,
and it makes both sides texture  enjoyable.
The layered colors make unique harmonies and expressions.

The wave pattern is layered from the backside on the bird in bright green.
The impression changes up to the ways you wrap.
It is lovely when you wrap making the bird’s face visible.

Masaru Suzuki | WATER BIRD Green & Navy Blue

size : 100 x 100 cm
100% cotton.
Made in Japan.

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Furoshiki is one of the traditional culture/life style which have been succeeded from ancient times,

but it can be well connected to the art.
Furoshiki is a simple cloth, and it is possible regarded as a canvas. Perhaps, the trait makes it possible to accompany the art.
Furoshiki can be called "textile" but it is not precisely the same; it has a purpose of wrapping objects. it has very uniquely fit and grown with the changing times, and radiantly spread in this day and age.

Suzuki Masaru is a textile designer who have worked with marimekko, CAMPER. Uniqlo and so on.
He throws an annual exhibition of umbrella and installation, and also he is known as a good interior visual designer.

-There is some discoloration due to dyeing.
・ Color may transfer if it contains water.
・ Do not leave the product wet.

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